Charter Licence Upgrade

So the change for Haulage Offices is now out, and balanced to where we want it. I took several weeks of monitoring and tweaking to get it where we have it. Overall, the ranges have been tweaked, and the rewards specifically have gone up quite dramatically from the old model. I have also spent a lot of time working on the generation system and the speed and preference of regenerating offered missions.

Whilst removing the ‘Regen’ option in haulage offices and locking you down to a view of 50 Missions, we also planned for players to swamp offices or try to run an office dry (between mission regeneration). Because of this, there is a large pool of missions that the offices hold in reserve.

Today, they have decided to sign a Charter Licence. The default licence still offers captains a view of the next 50 missions on offer to everyone, but for the more discerning captain, they are now allowing you to increase your Charter Licence.

You can increase your Licence in increments of +25. This has been agreed upon by all the Haulage companies, and each company will uphold the licence increase per captain. Licence increases can be grabbed via the in game VIP store or via the CE Store should you wish. Note, no matter where you get your upgrades from, you will not be able to increase your Charter Licence above 200.


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