Change to 365 Account Deletion!

Due to some issues that have arisen from the recent changes, I thought it wise to post an addendum to the Pruning of accounts from Core-Exiles. Please Read and Digest. I will also send this to all active accounts in game via PM.

Reason for accounts being Pruned / Deleted from the system.

1: Account Self Terminates
2: Account Flagged for termination due to breeching Terms and conditions
3: Accounts over Seven Days old and Still Level Zero. These are classified as bot / non player accounts.
4: Accounts with a NEGATIVE Bank Balance.

The last two have come about to ensure that the game database does not become awash with dead or fake accounts, and that accounts remaining on the Server pay their way. Allowing unattended accounts to go in to the Red simply to feed their empires is unfair on those playing the game.

Account deletion is an automated affair (apart from those accounts falling under section 2) These is no ‘coming back’ or restore option. Once an account is deleted its gone. It is the responsibility of Each and every player to look after their own accounts and not to allow them to fall in to negative Bank Balance debt.

Levelling a toon to level 1 and keeping your ‘Bank Balance in a + balance is a simple task.

Under these terms players are allowed ONE Free captain account. Further accounts will fall under the terms of play as posted here


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