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I’ve been nothing if not industrious of late. Today I wanted to attack a small issue that had become a bug bare for a few players. This was to do with Festive Packs. When we award them via the staff Portal to players for one reason or another, the entire contents of the pack is added ‘at that point in time’ to the captain’s account.

That’s great for the Mechs packs and other bits, but not so much for the Little, cute fury friend (Ribblez). Some players have even been ignoring the call for a Festive Pack due to this fact. Adding an extra Ribblez when they didn’t need nor want one, or have the time to decide what to do with it.

I didn’t want to remove the Ribblez as this would anger many players who need them to feed their fix :) Yet we needed a way to ensure you could take the pack without concern for the consequences.

So here we have a Game Change :)

From Now on (as of this post) Any Festive Pack awarded will be bundled up in a crate and added to your ships Misc Store (titled ingeniously enough ‘Festive Pack’) You can then go to your Misc Store and OPEN them WHEN YOU WANT.

Not only have we made it, so you can open them when you want to, I have also increased the rewards as per below.

Festive Pack now contains the following:
An extra large 24 part mech pack. These items will be added directly to your Secure Store.
A 800 Fuel Ticket, we will add this to your fuel depot account when opened.
500 IP points that will be added to your IP pool when opened.
10 S.N.A.R.G Pet Treats will be added to the Secure Store when opened.
Plus to top if off, we will add a fuzzy friend (Ribblez) to keep an eye on.

A simple change, but one you should all appreciate.

But I’m not finished….

During FESTIVE PERIODS (IE Halloween, November, Christmas, World Cup, Olympics etc…) when you open a Festive Pack inside a festive period (displayed on the screen where you open them) you will also receive 5 Random Festive items of that period.

Choose to open them outside a festive period, and you just get the standard rewards. You may, if you wish, stock them up in a pile and open them on the next festive period and get THAT set of random rewards, the choices are yours.

At this time the Festive Packs WILL be collected and transferred to the Secure Store IF you have the Syphon ‘on’. You can of course pull them out when you wish.

I hope you enjoy this change and that we see the return of a few of the more regular Festive Pack claimants return to chat :)


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