CE Stores & Offices Facelift

In line with the Recent Avatars & NPC’s I’m also working on the company stores and offices. These are the images you see when selecting a company from the promenade. Again (sorry) but you may need to refresh your browser cache to see these.

I have been working my way through them slowly as this also includes a rewrite of their bios. So far I have done the following stores:

Ashar Corporation
Baskin Exports
M.A.R.V.I.N Implant Service
Dark Moon Shipping
Settlement Ship Yard
Guild Vendor
Infinity Ship Sales
Joes Supplies
Starbase Licensing Directorate
Engineering Processing Station
Settlement Bulk Misc Recycler
Dev Revision Upgrades
Exile Foundry
Coopers Schematic Supply
Corporation Bureau
Sabre Shields
Resource Service (All)
Arc-Light Projects
Baltazar Technology
Union Passengers
Aegis Corporation
TDK Emporium
A.L.I.C.E Development Program
Svens Barter Store
Alliance Combat Office
Guild Office Complex
Federation Of Mining Systems
Reward Collection Program
Galactic Emporium
AJ Shipping

As I said above, you MAY need to clear your browser cache to see the new images, the text will appear though regardless. I will be working on these store / office upgrades over the next few weeks to bring the main CE images up to date and inline with the rest of the new art replacing old images.


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