CE Stats Yearly Publish

Every year I like to bring together the vast amount of data that’s stored in our games Database. This shines an interesting light on many of the dark areas of the game where players can only ‘Guess’ as to how things work. The stats below are taken directly from the game Database.

Player Driven Stats
Fuel Burnt: 1,305,799,129

Total Mined: 633,281,511
Total Refined Ore: 344,644,253
Total Player Crafted Items: 20,961,638
Ashar Cargo: 99,412,151
Wesbec Cargo: 453,449,985
Valoren Cargo: 212,35,652
Pirate Cargo: 1,804,704
Ship Combats: 12,397,766
Alien Combats: 633,332
Passengers Moved: 1,803,174
Total Loots: 837,436,174
Wrecks Salvaged: 683,586
Missions Completed: 5,935,937
NPC Missions Completed: 323,562
Settlement Ships Salvaged: 825
Player run Emporiums: 246
Emporium Sales: 63,046,836
Items Bartered: 17,545,066
Items Traded (Festive): 6,276,154
Contracts Filled: 260,688
Promenade Offices / Services: 5,624
Unique Offices / Services: 131

Ashar Credits Earned: 109,332,750,571
Wesbec Credits Earned: 755,018,967,752
Pirate Credits Earned: 2,223,368,189
Valoren Talas Earned: 26,740,601,237
Union Passenger Credits Earned: 62,678,005,251
Emporium Credit Sales: 86,255,431,996

Galactic Exploration
Universe wide Completed Planets: 148
Universe wide (current) remaining Planets: 231
Planetary Explorations: 57,904,410

Galaxy Stats
160 Systems spaced over Six Galaxies
2009 Planets, stations and spacial destinations

Game Content Stats
In game items to fit to your Ships: 22,503
Resources & Commodities: 668
Crafting Schematics: 13,783
Crafting Modules: 2,990
Misc Items: 2,903
NPC unique Missions: 687

A.I Invasion Overview
A.I Killed: 772,554
A.I Remaining: 167,641
Deployed Genesis Plots: 133
Genesis Planets Completed: 4
Genesis Projects Ongoing: 7

Settlement Status
Total Settlements: 270
Level Six: 101
Below 25% Morale: 1
Bunkers Active: 111
Settlement Combats: 373,337
Expanse Settlement Combats: 114,734

PM Ships & Starbase Hubs
PM Ships Constructed: 295
PM Hubs Constructed: 156
Daily fuel draw winners: 8,659

RAID’s Destroyed: 836
Total Player Sorties: 177,775
Total Damage dealt: 84,877,840
Largest RAID to date: 1,649,001

Financial Data
Credits on Hand Global: 277,556,214,893
Credits in Gal-Fed Bank: 331,233,250,527
Credits in Guild Banks: 12,609,496,927
Credits in Guild Escrow: 48,177,058,382
Credits in Settlement Accounts: 161,750,068,500
Credits in Personal Escrow: 18,002,629,434

Item / Resource Data
Items in Players Stores: 9,282,438
Total Resources in Commercial Store: 9,416,305,394

A lot of stats there this time round, but I figured it was worth the effort to dig a little deeper than the usual short list I tend to publish.


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