CE 10th Year Party Looms

Party Planing
First off a big round of applause for PrimeMcNee who has so far done a stellar job of laying the ground work and collecting the resources and modules needed to run this the 10th Year Anniversary Party for Core-Exiles.

Disaster Struck
He tasked several members of staff to organise different elements of the Party / BBQ and they managed to collect most of what was required. Of course we are all well aware that the party planning was hijacked and side-swiped by our resident ‘Pirates’.

Disaster Averted
Thankfully PrimeMcNee came to the rescue again and with YOUR support has managed to recover a large % of what was stolen. Much of this came in the form of Player Donations to the BBQ Collection that’s been running for the last few weeks along side a Large RAID Party that took out the remaining RAIDS that had stolen the resources.

Today Gal-Fed stepped in and completed the BBQ Collection and the collections offices have now closed their doors.

Rewards Start Here
Many of you will already have received an in game PM (if you took part in the BBQ Collection). This is a token of our gratitude for helping prep for the Party in the form of Donating resources and modules.

The pack contains an extra large 24 part mech pack which includes new armour and weapons hard to craft or locate normally. We also added a 5000 Fuel Ticket to your fuel depot account for when you need it.

Plus to top if off added a 10 Year Commemorative Token to your account along with a fuzzy friend to keep an eye on. These items were added directly to your ships misc store.

Shortly I will be posting the TOP TEN Captains who donated to the BBQ Collection and offering them a choice of prizes.

I’ll Also be making a post outlining the weeks forth Coming Party Events – Yup it lasts an entire week!


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  1. Korthen says:

    Another great event in the CE world. A friendly PvE environment with supportive players. Mine, haul cargo or passengers, combat NPC pirates, salvage ships or eeven build your own ship! In addition you can explore planets and open them up for settlements. Now to get back to the game and run around and earn prizes. PS If you would like to try the game look up the Intelliquest Guild.

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