Cap Removed On C.E.S Structure Point ownership items

More changes coming your way today. More of my digging through the underbelly of Core-Exiles and carving some edges into the stone walls that have been our bedrock for so many years. One of those was the imbalance on Structure Point C.E.S item ownership.

Up till now the only ones you could own in an unlimited fashion were Extractors (Planet ORSA based items). These you could own as many as you liked but were limited to Deploying FIVE of them at any one time. As these use Zero Structure points and with there being so many types it made sense.

Today sees the same rules come into affect for Harvesters (Nebula). Malls, Factories & Refineries.

You may now officially own as many of these items as you wish. Mix and match buy what you like. BUT you may only DEPLOY FIVE of each type at any one time. This only affects C.E.S (Core-Exile Supporter) items – don’t worry lol.

Normal Structure based affecting items are not affected.

This change has been constantly asked for privately and publicly. Well today – Now it’s arrived.

I ‘think’ I neutered any text that relates to ‘you may only own Five of these’ but if you spot any please bug report it and where you spotted it (page / location or item etc).

Player Bio – As there is no limit on ownership of these items I have removed them from the Player bio. If you want to know how many you have go look in your Ships Store.

Many CES items can be purchased from the Festive Store and of course from the Official CE Store – OVER HERE



  1. XPLODE says:

    I think i have 6 or 7 Nebula 2 harvesters sitting in the garage now doing nothing at all…hmm i should put them to work someday.

  2. Captain Afarticus says:

    CES items as highlighted can be obtained via mulitiple ways. This makes it much easier to deploy any CES you want only having the restriction of 5 at a time. So there are no ‘wrong’ choices anymore in obtaining CES items ! Thanks for this !

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