C.R.T Token Service
All Year Round

I’ve spent some time thinking this one through and talked to a few players and staff before making a final decision but…

Today I have removed the Lock out on the Christmas Resource Token service. That means that ANY tokens you have on your account gathered during November through January, can be spent at your Leisure when ever you ‘actually need them’.

I spent a fair few hours each week this last month fending off ‘Whats coming next Coops, I need to know what to spend my tokens on’ and PM’s similarly posted. It struck me that there is no real reason to lock them out from being spent.

The Festive Period of collecting, earning, winning and getting them as rewards in the CE store still remains untouched, but now you can spend them throughout the year.

And now for the Really Good news (from your perspective) as it would be thoroughly confusing to have the Value of a Token change at set point sin the year I’m going to LOCK in the current 4.9 Million Value of a Christmas Resource Token. I’ll find something new for you folks to clamor over come the Festive Period Challenge :)

So take away points –

#1 You can still collect, buy, earn C.R.T’s November through January
#2 You can NOW spend them ANYTIME during the Year.

For those who dont have a clue whats a Christmas Resource Token is READ HERE


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  1. Captain Bethany says:

    This is a fantastic quality of life upgrade.. I love this.

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