C.E.S Extractor Expansion

Been mulling over this change for a while now, and I’ve had sufficient players ask for the change that I figured it was about time. First off don’t worry, this change is in your favour lol.

When we added the first of the C.E.S items to the game (those that require Zero Structure Points) they were quite popular. We added them in the Festive Store and in the CE Official store. But we added a caveat. We decided to limit each player to Five in total per account.

Today that Cap has been removed. You may OWN as many C.E.S extractors as you like.

But the change comes into affect on ‘Deployment’. From today whilst you may own as many C.E.S extractors as you like you may only Deploy FIVE at any time. (in total Galaxy wide).

This change means that if you want to field Five Metal Extractors one week and Five Gas the next (due to fluctuation in spawns) now you can. Before hand you have to decide which ones to buy and you were stuck with that select choice.

I have amended the Player Bio page to show the change. Also the CE Store and Game Store descriptions and updated Extractor Deployment code.

Lastly I have also amended the Festive Store.

So from today you may own as many C.E.S Extractors as your festive store points or friendly bank manager will allow.

I will review changes to other elements of the game where C.E.S limits are in place but at this time the change is ONLY to Extractors.


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