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I’ve spent the last few days creating some new derelicts for the B1-B10 class size. Its very time consuming from a productive point of view and whilst do so it struck me that perhaps we should open this up to YOU the players. Also whilst I’m at it why not add an incentive – Read on.

Walk – then stroll then run!
Now before you go running off to the nearest paint program or start scouring the web for images PLEASE take the time to read and digest this post. If you don’t you may end up wasting valuable hours of your life :)

If you don’t know what Derelicts are and how they are explored then PLEASE don’t attempt to make one. Simply put if you haven’t at least wandered around one you are likely to produce something that’s not plausible or feasible for us to add.

Level of Creation
We require a minimum of THREE things for a submission to be valid. Any entry that is submitted that does not have these three following things will be rejected without being reviewed. So please make sure you read and digest :)

1: Floor Plan Overview
This is a mini map of your derelict. I have attached an image called floorplan to this post. This is an overview of a ship with 4 levels. It has identification of where the stairs / lifts are and in what direction a player can travel. It also lays out the different sections of the ship. for instance Entry, Engineering, Crew Quarters, Medical etc.

2: Floor Plan Numbered
This is similar to the previous overview in that its a mini map of the derelict layout. but it includes the image names for each section. that way when we add your derelict to the database we can match a location and directions with the actual images. I have added an image to this post called floorplan-numbers this depicts the same floorplan but numbered.

3: The main images
We then need each individual image you have created that makes up your full size derelict. Each image must be named as per your floorplan-numbers image. You may use any combination of naming as long as its 10 alphanumerics or shorter. A good idea would be to add part of your captains name. IE coops1, coops2 etc. Images should be 252 x 234

Optional Extra – Storyline
Should you wish you can provide an overview story line for your derelict. IE directions for US as to what might have happened to the ship / station. Perhaps you have styled the artwork to be a research station or a military defence base. If so tell us what you were thinking when designing it. It will help us create ‘description text’ when adding to the DB.

Optional – Full Text Entry
As you will have walked around a Derelict you know that each section has a description. Normally it follows a general storyline and has brief descriptions of the room also its exits. If your English is up to spec and you can keep the description below 800 characters per location.

Tools for the Job
We create the images here using a selection of tools both new and old. but pretty much any art package that can handle jpg’s and importantly png transparencies. Also something that will resize and rotate images. If you have never attempted something like this in the past I would suggest you start small and grow from there.

You may build derelicts as small as TEN Sections or as large as you like. They can have One Deck or 50 that’s up to you. As long as we get the THREE primary requirements that’s all we need. Because they are likely to be large we suggest zip / rar compression and then submitting to It would also be wise to send me a quick in game PM letting me know a large file is on its way so I can keep an eye out :)

Vi Players, should you wish to make a submission I would suggest you team up with a sighted player who does the artwork and you do the textual descriptions.

Artwork – MUST READ!!!!!
Below are two links. One includes a selection of our blank floor plans for you to use. Some are also filled in for you to use and arrange if your art skills are not quiet up to it.

The second is a link to Download a pack of png images. A little over 3000 png images. These are full sized and will need resizing for your floor plans. – approx 130mb – approx 90mb

YOU MAY ONLY SUBMIT floor plans and artwork that is included within these two downloads. The reason for this is simply copyright. We have the copyright permissions for these images to be used in anything we use on Core Exiles. We do not have permission for images you may decide ‘look good’ from google or some website you find. DO NOT add extra images to your submissions that did not originate in the two downloads. The only exception to this is if the artwork is your own. Be-aware we may turn down a submission if the art is not of a certain standard.

This is a time consuming process so I’m going to offer a reward for each entry we accept as ‘of quality’ and acceptable grammar / spelling if text included. This is not so much a competition as an open offer for those of you out there who are budding cut and paste guys to be creative and get a little something back.

Rule of Thumb for Deck Plans
We will award Gift Certificates from £5.00 up to £40 for Derelicts accepted and used. Rewards will only be paid once the derelict has been released to the live Server. Submissions will be subject to approval.

The more interesting and artistic derelict the more likely you are to be awarded a better reward.

Examples : I’ve added some images to this post as examples of the submission parts required. Review these and re-read this post in its entirety before downloading the files linked above. I have created a thread for discussion of this subject in the main forums so if you have questions please ask there.


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