Boris Sven – Changes

I’ve been working on a long list of changes both in the syphon program, the push to Secure Store code, and now the ancillary services. Chatting with staff I decided to ‘start’ with Sven and Boris. These two stores are the ‘Barter Stores’ and up till today looked in your Ships Misc hold.

Well, no more. These two stores now look directly into the Secure Store…

I have made all the necessary changes to both stores and you will find the list of local items now lists your entire Secure Store Misc (filtered) stock. Now before you go running off to check things out – a few things to consider.

Seems the folks over at the Secure Store management services were none to keen to see Ribblez any time soon, so they asked Both Sven and Boris to separate out those searches. You will find if you have any Ribz to be bartered they will appear in a separate bar near the top. No bar and you won’t have any onboard your ship (as that’s the only place they can reside these days).

Also depending on how many stacks of items you had knocking around the Galaxy you MAY find multiple sized stacks on offer to Sven and Boris. Treat this how you wish, use the chance to cull some stacks or not – it’s up to you. Over time as the game adds items to a single stack this ‘multi stack’ issue will slowly disappear. This is an opportunity to speed that along :)

Before anyone asks, this change ONLY affects Boris and Sven. No changes have been made other than ‘where’ they look and remove items.

And yes….

You can expect to see more of this type of changes as the week / month rolls on.



  1. BlackPanther says:

    This change has made it so much easier to trade with Sven, I really like the changes and it also seems to be working much faster.

    This is another great example of where the community suggested a change that the developer has implemented.

  2. Halmir says:

    I have been playing since January. Who knew how much stuff you could accumulate in your ship’s misc store in 6 months! Thank you for an easy way of moving stuff to the secure store!


  3. Sukayo says:

    And again something making CE better accessible. Nice for all teh lazy pilots, not only making the background jobs easiser for the server.

    So it is also about how the game is build up around what the players wish to get, to see. Seldom seen such an approach from the admin.

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