Black Friday 3 Day Special

From Today through till Midnight Sunday (Game Time) Coops will be offering Double Christmas Tokens for purchases made in the Core-Exiles store.

For each £25.00 in value (in real money) you will receive 2 Christmas Resource Tokens instead of the usual 1. That’s a major incentive to help support Core-Exiles. It’s been a very quiet store so far this November and he’s tried to not harp on about support so far this month.

So help support your favourite browser game and grab yourself some extra rewards whilst doing so.

Don’t forget we are also running a series of Buy one Claim one free over in the store and a bundle of rewards for certain spend values.

You can check those out over here :


Best Wishes

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  1. sylven says:

    We love to see this kind of surprises too, fantastic way of boosts!

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