Big Bertha Rolls Out…

ORSA changes recently have made it possible for us to roll out a new Extracting tool for you to replace your ageing CES extractors. The Extractor is Called a C.E.S Bertha O.R.S.A Extractor. As its name suggests its a Zero SP Extractor. This one varies in a number of ways but the most important part is that it can be PLACED on ANY ORSA Resource spawn regardless of it’s ‘Type’. (Resource spawns in ORSA Offices).

No more ‘Doh! I don’t have any Gas ones left, or darn wish I’d pulled out the Mineral ones’ this extractor can be placed on all ORSA resources types outside of the Expanse. It is based off an Indy build so comes with a ‘High‘ rating for extraction and has an expanded huge 20K hopper.

Of course you are still limited by how many of these you can place at once, no change there, its a CES extractor and counts towards your Five limit (or 8 if you have an active Patreon Subscription).

How do I get one, or five or eight of them Coops?

Glad you asked…

These were added to enable all those players swimming in CES extractors to start to make good use of them. If you visit your local Festive Store you will see a new Link for CES Trade. In that section an ORSA representative sits patiently waiting to inspect your existing CES extractors.

He offers a 7:1 deal. You give him one of each standard CES extractor (IE one metal, mineral, gas, liquid, flora fuel, and radioactive) and he will give you a replacement Big Bertha. The Extractors are take from your Ship Store so make sure you have them on you when you visit him.

The Bertha acts just like a normal extractor only it can be deployed on any type of resource spawn inside the ORSA Office network, outside of the expanse.

You can of course show your support and Purchase them Directly from the CE Official Store if you wish to bypass trading in your CES or simply want to show us some support and love! I have placed them on Discount for the remainder of this month so get them whilst they are on offer!

Details as shown in game:

C.E.S Bertha O.R.S.A Extractor

This an extractor developed by ORSA themselves. It stands out from all other extractors in that it can be placed on any active ORSA Spawn slot (outside of the Expanse) regardless of the resource type.

So rather than carrying around a collection of extractors for Mineral, metal, gas etc you only need a single ‘Bertha’ extractor. The extractor is Industrial rated and comes with a massive 20K hopper.

Please Note: Whilst you may own as many C.E.S Extractors as you like you may only DEPLOY FIVE at anyone time anywhere in the Game. This can be raised to 8 if you have an active Patreon subscription.

Storage: 20,000 Units
Extraction Rating: High

Structure Points: 0
Level Requirement: 25

Have fun folks…


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