Battleships the Core & You

Battleships, the Core & Beyond.

This post is to give those interested in the forthcoming Battleships a small window on to what they can do and how they will work in some respects. It’s a top level view and is not complete by any means. I’m posting it as I think it might be wise at this stage to set some expectation for both players interested in the Battleships and those who are wondering what they might add to the game as a whole.

First off: Battleships will be able to navigate back to the Core using a newly developed Jump gate network. Initially, Battleships will be the only safe way to traverse these networks.

Once arrived in the Core systems, battleships will form the tip of the spear in finding out and resolving the issue with the A.I. Initially, using anything less than a battleship would be suicide. They will be tasked to aid in clearing the systems of the A.I infestations. Battleships, singular or working together, will be able to clear each system to allow for ‘normal’ ships to enter. (Combat will be in real-time (ish) and not ticker / time based)

New Jump Drive: A New Jump drive add-on will be required for normal non battleship to traverse the Core Jump Network. They will only be able to traverse systems ‘made safe’ by the Battleships.

Battleships will be able to traverse all the jump gate networks in the Core, but only by working together will they be able to clear systems and create safe locations for normal traffic.

You can see from the above that this means that whilst we will be initially limiting the new Core systems (which will be fairly vast) to just Battleships, as they clear these systems Players with normal ships will be able to enter.

Battleships Themselves: A few things players will want to know.

Flying one will require crew, it will also require New Skills. We will be expanding and creating a new Skills Section. (at that time, a 1 time Alien IP reset will be issued to ALL active accounts) We will also be using the certificates. These will add bonuses to given sections of the battleship and its actions.

Battleships will require a new Fuel. We won’t be using your primary fuel, instead you will have to manufacture a new type of fuel. This will be released when we release the final build sections of Battleships, so anyone interested can start making it. This new fuel will be a resource and can be traded.

Battleship loadouts: Akin to your current ship, you will be able to fit BS (and inferior) loadouts pretty much as you do today. So for those of you with heavy hitting cannons and large shields they may be a first line of ‘fitting and use’, though the numbers in Battleships combat will be vastly different to standard combat.

New Resource There will be new Galaxy based resources. These will be in the form of Loot and Mining, and refining back in the Sphere. These along with Non Core resources will form the backbone of new crafting / engineering of items for Battleships.

Battleship Upgrades: Along with upgrades in the form of new items crafted back in the non Core Galaxies, you will also be able to upgrade your battleship with special combat XP. The more you collect, the more you can upgrade. (You will need to visit a starbase with a Battleship Upgrade Center to do this)

Combat / Mining: I’m hoping to bring a new system to CE for these actions. I’m hoping to allow for joint combat operations and also mining / combat operation coming together in a single unified system.

Mining in the Core will not be sit back and hit the button till you are full. Danger lurks, so mining and combat will become a new norm.

Beyond the Core
I don’t want anyone thinking that the only reason for Battleships will be the opening up of the Core. At the same time, I will be starting a new element to CE. This will allow battleship owners to set off and locate NEW systems on their own, thereby increasing the known space of the current Galaxies.

Finally, this is just a top overview, but I decided it was time to make this post as I figured there was a lot of ‘what, where, why’ going on.

As we progress though each section of Battleship crafting, deployment and use, I will make clear defined posts on each subject. Till then, I’m posting this as a light guide to what’s to come.


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