Battleship Crafting Stage 3

Fellow Exiles,

Taken me a while to get to this stage, but a number of things got in front of the process, including the additions of the Genesis Deployment Account Upgrade 2 and also The Settlement Business Bunker. But those two are now out and the next stage of the prep for building Battleships is here…

This stage sees the Genesis section of crafting modules for use in the final Battleships. There are 20 modules to craft over 6 buildings. These buildings utilise the QMG resources created and collected by Genesis platforms.

The end products are placed in your personal crafting module section, and you can then use these later to build your Battleship or trade them to others to do so. These items will remain in the supply chain, being needed by battleship owners for later repairs to said Battleships.

These buildings can be Player Crafted, or they can be purchased from the CE Store With the Genesis section in this month’s B.O.C.O.F def a good time to grab one or two…

Genesis Production – Loki
Genesis Production – Odin
Genesis Production – Heimdall
Genesis Production – Fenrir
Genesis Production – Gladsheim
Genesis Production – Mjollnir

The crafting schematics for these come from Geo Tech Labs for those with the gumption and resources to craft them.

Finally, these buildings pump out ONE of each item per day. The Ticker runs around midnight each day.

I’m off to start work on the Settlement stage for Battleships!


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