Basket Events

I have been rather poorly off late along with the house move I’m at an all-time physical low atm, BUT I will be finding the energy to run some CHAT based (discord) Easter Basket rewards.

These will take place (Game Time) Sunday 23rd Morning, Afternoon and Evening and then again on Monday 24th, Morning Afternoon and Evening.

Bring your Basket collections with you and keep an eye out for the Hand ins to begin in the Game Header.

Please Read the Link provided at the time in the Event Message in game. Failing to follow the rules will simply mean your Baskets will go into the Void. This is a SOCIAL event so yes entering chat is required sorry to those of you that can’t access it, but we run plenty of non-social competitions year to end.

To those who spot the announcement that the competitions are on and read the links, thanks for coming into chat and joining in. If you have never been in to Discord chat, perhaps now is the time to prepare and give it a go. You can follow the chat link in the footer and let your browser do the heavy lifting or install the Discord app on your favourite internet tool :)


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