Bank Holiday Bonus

Here in the UK the Sun is out and its the start of a Long Bank Holiday Weekend. (We love our bank holidays) Or so I’m told, personally I only get to look out the window from behind the bars the staff installed to keep me at the Code Face :)

I thought it would be a good idea to boost your Fuel tanks as we dive in to a long weekend. So I’m adding a 5,000 Fuel Ticket to each and every Captains Fuel Depot. Also for those reading this pop along to the Competition Section and see how to pick yourself up a FREE 1 Month Premium Account Upgrade this weekend.

I’m also reinstating the ‘Catch Coops’ thread for the weekend. Win Big this weekend and the prizes will change each time I’m found!

I’m also offering a special reward to anyone who spots any of Crazy Ivan’s family. It seems that they have all been deported from the Core and are looking for Crazy Ivan. We don’t want them getting together you can imagine the panic and mayhem they would get up to as a whole family!

So its a Crazy Long weekend ending Monday night….

Find Ivans Family!
Catch Coops – Bank Holiday Weekend!
Post & Win – Bank Holiday PA Offer



  1. MalcolmR says:

    Mal here.

    Events like these keep the game fun and interesting. This game gives away the most pay for items than any other that I have played. Thank you Coops for all that you do to improve this game and keep it fun.

  2. Darakhoranon says:

    5000 free fuel are always nice and hunting for Coops, Crazy Ivan’s family and whoever else happens to get on Coops’ bad side is definitely fun. Especially if we can get rewarded for it… 😉

  3. Thorgil says:

    It was great!
    Wandering for the Galaxies searching for Ivans, and Coops hiding.

  4. Nobody says:

    Ya gotta love Free Fuel !! AND a reason to goof off and get away with it !! You can call it a Bank Holiday if you like, I call it FUN TIME and thank you Coops ! It’s like playing Hide and Seek, and being paid to do it

    thanks again, enjoy the days off

    Fly Safe !
    Captain Nobody

  5. Deathsgate says:

    I agree with Capt Korth, the break is sure nice !! After a hard week of twisting and grinding and making bits fit where they shouldn’t (a Crafter’s work is never done !) being able to kick back and relax on another week end diversion is always something to look forward to. : )

    thanks for the extra Fuel !!

    Stay frosty out there and Fly Safe !!
    Captain Deathsgate

  6. Lost Queen says:

    : )

    I love getting free stuff.

    : )

  7. Zoorland says:

    As an uncouth American I have no idea what these “Bank Holiday” things you Brits love so much are, but I do appreciate them when they grace CE.

    Hmm, 5k free Fuel and a “Catch Coops” event… I suppose I might have to fire up the ol’ engines and actually go somewhere instead of knocking around the nearest asteroid field all weekend. :p


  8. Diarri says:

    I like nice surprises and finding unexpectedly new challenge and fun for the weekend full of CE activities (along with always welcomed additional fuel) is definitely the best kind of surprise 🙂 There’s thrill of playing hide and seek with Ivan’s family and Coops and there’s thrill in possibility of getting some shiny new equipment. What not to like? 🙂

  9. falconner says:

    Cheers for the extra fuel!
    I agree with what korth said in the comment above, these mini events/ compititions are quite fun as they let you carry on with what you want to do, and earn awesome goodys at the same time!
    I’m not really good at any of those 2 compititions but lets see if I manage to catch one of em hoodlums 🙂

  10. Antipop says:

    It’s great to have these competitions. Keeps the game exciting……Enjoy the holiday.


  11. Cap'n STONE says:

    Always something going on in this game. From banking holidays to exploring our universe, finding lost wrecks, or hunting pirates and aliens there’s always something to get your imagination fired up…by far the best game of its style on the web for players of all levels and abilities. Great job to Coops and the staff.

  12. PrimeMcNee says:

    Again another amazing way to combine just playing this great game with a chance to win some extra prizes.
    This is CE at its best and it shows how much effort the Devs make to keep CE a lively game.

    Thank you Coops and good luck to all the players!

  13. Kangaroo says:

    The fuel bonus was terrific, it got me out of Sphere for the first time, and levelled up doing it.

  14. jager 602 says:

    Woot! You never know what you’re going to see when you log in 🙂 I don’t know what Bank Holiday is, but I’m glad the Sphere celebrates it!

  15. SpaceBucks says:

    Well, everyone know how much SpaceBucks loves the bank. It is such a wonderful place to keep one’s bucks.
    It has been a bit of a holiday for me as well, since I have been spending a ton of time exploring planets — thanks to all the players that have helped me getting together supplies and equipment.
    Now if there were only a few ATMs on my lonely planet…

    It is awfully fun trying new things here in the CE universe. You all know the learning curve really takes the ego out of you, but in the end you have FUN. So three cheers to COOPS!

    An enjoyable holiday weekend to one and All — Capt. SpaceBucks

  16. Korth Koragan says:

    I really enjoy these mini-events/competions. Makes a bit of a break from the long term plans/work (Genesis, Settlement Level 5/6). And they are easily accomplishable by new players .

    Capt Korth

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