A.I Attack Update

Hello folks, Gus Givens bringing you a follow up report on the aftermath of the AI attack that took place just over three days ago, as well as some new developments.

It appears that giving the pirate factions first salvage rights of the AI debris fields in return for their assistance may have been something of a high price to pay, we’re getting reports now of multiple pirate raids appearing in systems across the sphere and neighbouring galaxies. Previously the pirate factions were unable to field more than one raid at a time, likely limited by construction time; it appears they may have been able to reverse engineer some of the AI’s mass production technology for their own uses, still as one trader put it, at least unlike the AI, pirates only take your money or your life.

There also seems to have been an increase of attacks by the Javoran in the expanse, likely seeking to take an advantage of what they view as a weakened Coalition, as well as a response to the slowly growing number of human settlements there. However it seems the Naristro are holding up their end of the bargain to defend the new human outposts and the multiple alien derelicts now seen across the expanse galaxy is proof to show for it.

The refugees from the dozen planets the AI have invaded have so far mostly been settled upon the two new Genesis planets in VP and the sphere, work is on-going to ensure that they have a steady supply of food and water as well as decent prefabricated accommodation. Several frontier colonisation programs are offering the refugees opportunities to resettle on their respective planets if they so choose and the Coalition has also started a recruiting program in the refugee camps on the Genesis worlds to help replenish their ranks and offer a better life and a chance to take back their homes from the AI.

Well folks, that’s all for now, we here at ISN will try and keep you informed as the situation unfolds, this is Gus Givens signing off.

Gus Givens
ISN News Desk

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