Ask and You MAY Get… (1 More)

A while back I was asked if we intended to allow players to trade in their old CES Extractors. Many players were a few short or had the wrong types to grab the new Big Bertha Extractors. Many of you have a pile of the wrong types or not a full set etc.

Well I monitored the thread requesting and also monitored the process for obtaining Bertha’s and I felt it was now about time to delve in and see if we could make that request happen. I had to add another section to the Festive store that displays items you have for Trade to them, but I got there in the end.

So you can now trade ‘second hand’ CES extractors (non Bertha) to the festive Store. A new one costs 5,000 points and trading in a second hand one will gain you 1500 points, or 3000 if you have the Trinket Of Cheer on your account.

So another request meets – reality…

Have fun folks!

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