Another Suggestion – Complete

As per the title, I decided to plunge ahead and turn another suggestion in to a reality today. This one relates to Settlements.

Should you own a Settlement you can now add a Bio for it, perhaps you want to welcome visitors to your settlement, inform them of your special offers or perhaps ask them to let you know what next great and wondrous Offices or Promenade store they would like.

Either way, the Settlement Bio can now be created and edited from the Settlement Overview > Settlement Settings Page.

This will at the same time add it to the Galactic Data Repository, this is where players can look up where places are in relation to Galaxy and System.

Q: So How does anyone SEE my new Bio Coops ?
A: I’m So glad you asked.

I spent a chunk of today cleaning up some of the historical naughtiness that’s crept into the way the promenade was built (all those years ago when I had hair). Along with this, I cleaned up the Bar that indicates the status of your Settlement. From there on the end is a ‘Link’ to the Settlement Bio. Click it and anyone can now see your Bio.

Plus as stated above they can review it from the Galactic Data Repository as well at any time.

Whilst this is not a pictorial personalisation, I feel it’s enough to give you a chance to add some flavour to your Settlement.



  1. Fitzbacon says:

    So now another added bonus. And the bennies keep coming. The Dev, Coops, has opened up a suggestion thread for things we the players would like to add to the game…..And some are implemented almost immediately. What other game offers so much to the player base that the Dev would invite suggestions for additions and amendments to a game.
    This is just another example of the free flow of information and feedback between Dev and Player that is not often the case in any game I have ever played….Normal situation is “This is the Game…This is what it does….Play it or don’t”.
    I have played CE for over 5 years now and there is never a feeling of I have done it all, or there is nothing new.
    A great game experience.
    Try it and see !!

  2. Captain Patience says:

    The settlement on Incandescence is widely known throughout space for just that. Not the most hospitable of planets with fearsome cragged ranges of volcanoes spraying out lava on a continual basis. Its settlements perched atop outcrops of fine basaltic rock, filled with pockets of iron and magnesium crystals, but perilously suspended over rivers of lava. Its starports confined to mountainous ranges in the planetary polar regions and all travel constrained to environmentally controlled crystal shuttles.

    But tourists flock to the planet to see its daily Incandescent gala performances. With the latest drone release depositing patterns of mineral crystals above, within and along the lava streams. Ignited by high energy pulsed lasers, to heat the crystals to rarified temperatures so providing scintillating symphonies of laser induced incandescence, known colloquially as LIIs. Emitting flame red, happy Sinatran orange, cheerful golden yellow and ultimately sparkling white light as the temperature builds. Swirls of barite greens, celestite lavenders, chalcopyrite blues and flashing silver magnesite injected to provide breath-taking theatrical crescendos. Some say there are messages buried deep within the patterns, warning about universal mysteries but dangers stay far beyond reach, just so long as you stay safely ensconced behind the transparent diamond armour windows in the visitor centres.

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