Anniversary Update : Day 6

Well we have reached day 6 in the give-away bonanza :) Tomorrow the fun and games must come to a close, although that gives PrimeMcNee a chance to announce the winners in his Prize Draw!

The mech war will also come to a final close at 10:00 AM and we will shut the Mech Zone for a brief period of time whilst we sort out the winners.

Planet Docking Rewards
Of Note, so far during the Anniversary week we have tracked 2,790 Dockings at the seven Party locations dotted around the Universe of CE. This has lead to 512,048 units of Coops Resource Stash being handed out. A reminder you only have till 10:00 AM tomorrow to dock at the Seven locations with a Final Prize hand out Friday Night. After that it’s all over.

Party Droids
So far the Party Week Droids have handed out 1,987 Prizes to captains who have matched images! That’s a LOT of loot being handed out. We have been handing out Tokens in the Forums via the Competitions, and there is still time to take part and grab yourself some FREE Tokens.

Forum Prizes
We have handed out over 100 Prizes via the forums so far since the start. There are a total of Four Competitions for you to enter at this time but they all end 10:00 AM on Friday so get your entries in soon!

Hand in the Air to Win
Meanwhile in IRC (Chat) we have given out 303 ‘Arm in the Air to Win’ Prizes! Ranging from Large Festive Mechs packs to 1 Month PA’s and 10 Year Anniversary Tokens. If you want to be in with a chance to win for simply waving an arm in the air keep tuned to the Chat or an eye on the header news in game. (Shouts show up in Yellow, or for the VI begin with ‘##’)

Pirate Mech War
Mech Wise after a slow start you have started to pull the scores back, slowly but surely. Currently the scores sit on Pirates 738 VS Players 542. This means I will be shortly handing out the Third wave of Fuel Depot rewards of 1,000 Fuel to every man woman and child on the server :)

Still to Come
PrimeMcNee is collating all the Docking tickets I send to him form each days Docking lists and compiling a daily tally for his end of week Prize Draw. He has some great prizes, some from his own pocket, some from fellow captains donations and some from my own Stash.

Either way you need to be Docking at the assigned planets for the Anniversary this week to be entered into the Prize Draw,

OK I’m off to check on those Pesky Pirates!


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