Alien Bio Implant Modules Added

It took some work and a lot of angle grinding and work with a blow torch but I managed to get the Alien Skills to work with the new Bio Implant Modules. These can now be used in the existing Implant shells to create M.A.R.V.I.N Implants with Alien Skills.

For now I have decided to make these ‘Supporter Items’ and have prices them at a low value in the CE Store. They have their own Category and can be viewed OVER HERE

Although categorized as B.S.A Rewards in the Misc store they are only available through the CE store at this time and will not drop as loot from Catherine Jones. I’ve kept them with the same category in the misc so they remain together when looking for them in your ships store.

If you don’t have a clue what a B.I.M or Implant Shell is read the following Links

Catherine Jones – B.S.A
M.A.R.V.I.N Implants

Remember support through the Core-Exiles store is how CE is funded and kept FREE to play for everyone.



  1. Korth says:

    Yes! Configurable implants! I really like this, except for the low T5 drop rate. But over time I guess I’ll get them all.

  2. Samudra says:

    Just reset my ip some days ago and install my MARVIN T4 with a Alien BIM Tech T4 😉

  3. Thorgil says:

    …..Continuing the evolution….due to Coops efforts in developing new inventions.
    sitting among bunkers,power plants, space ships, implants, fabricators, extractors, harvesters, salvagers and so on.

  4. Navile says:

    Oh dear, I’ll be buying some of these very soon.

    And now when I say “I’d give my right arm to…”, now I can replace it with an ALIEN Right Arm!

  5. kleeem says:

    love the continuing developments! seems like everytime I sign in there’s something new going on.

  6. Albert Pollard says:

    Don’t do it! We are becoming what we have been fighting! Think of the alien viruses you would become susceptible to!

  7. Robotix says:

    Player designed implants and now alien implant components too?! This game just keeps on getting better and better every day.

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