Accident at Dr Dickerson’s lab

Hello folks, Gus Givens here reporting across the galaxies.

I’m coming to you live from outside the laboratory of Dr Maxwell Dickerson where there has just moments ago been an accident; eyewitnesses are reporting a huge discharge of energy within the building that has apparently caused several small fires and a large amount of smoke. Dr Dickerson and his research team have been recently studying the properties of the new UA Metals and Minerals and their possible uses, according to reports it seems there was a malfunction with their lab equipment’s containment field and multiple samples were inadvertently exposed to each other in a high energy environment, causing some kind of reaction.

Wait, it looks like the Dr is coming out, his clothes are singed, his hair appears to be smouldering a bit, but he’s, smiling, no he’s grinning, and laughing. Wait, he’s saying something, it’s hard to make out over the noise of the crowd, he’s holding up some kind of substance in his hand, it looks like some sort of metal, but it appears to, shifting, morphing, it’s hard to tell, perhaps it’s just the light.

And now the Doctor appears to have collapsed, paramedics are running over, he appears to just have fallen unconscious, can we get a quote on what his said, yes, running the tapes back now, apparently his words were “Behold, for I have become an alchemist” well, what strange words, it sounds as if the doctor may have hit his head, however looking at this metal he’s holding, I can tell you folks, it looks like nothing I’ve ever seen, perhaps the good doctor really has stumbled across a modern day philosophers stone.

We’ll keep you posted with all the latest when the good doctor is in better health, hopefully tomorrow, for now we can only speculate as to his discovery and what it may hold for the future of the galaxy, this is Gus Givens signing off.


  1. FishON says:

    This could be a great alternative to resources that only few captain can produce or acquire

  2. PrimeMcNee says:

    Another nice new storyline is evolving….This is CE at it’s best 🙂

  3. Renfield says:

    even more shinys? Can my hoard absorb them?
    Ok everyone, hand over your shinys and nobody has to get hurt. I’m a reasonable pirate, and this is for science.

  4. MrOpsO says:

    Even more game updates. Is this the most prolific 4 week period ever?
    Coops and Staff, thanks very much for the efforts you put into the game, keeping it fresh and moving forward.
    Happy Christmas to all of you and thanks for all the freebees.

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