A.I Looting Wrecks Updated

I’ve been working my way through the suggestions and stopped on ‘Salvage Loot from Wrecks’ in respect to A.I. Ships. I spent time killing enough A.I. vessels to be sure that combat loot for the A.I.’s was well biased towards the AI loot, so had a peek at Wreck Salvage.

It’s been a while since the system was first invented, then given a facelift and loot changes a while back. Today denotes a change in A.I. Vessel wrecks. Whilst the system DID have a % chance to spawn A.I. loot from A.I. wrecks, it was working very poorly. It was basically swamped out with general Human loot.

I have amended this as of today and from now when you salvage wrecks that are A.I. vessels you will get a MUCH higher return of A.I loot. This will make both combat and wrecks salvage of these critters far more balanced and palatable for those working alone or in teams or Guilds.


P.S Because I know that when I fiddle with code people get ‘ideas’ – No fluffy critters were harmed in the making of this change, plus NO standard loot tables for the wrecks were altered for Non AI ships.

P.P.S to Find and Kill A.I. Vessels, you require a Coalition Target Scanner (A.I) – this can be purchased from Lock-N-Load. We suggest fitting it in Wep Slot 2. Then hunt in a system with a Nebula.

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  1. Yogan says:

    This is an add that is most welcome and it was all due to a player suggestion.
    Dev Coops is very good at considering what the player base wants and if it can be added he will.

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