A.I. Invasion

As reported by Gus Givens over on the ISN News ChannelĀ HERE

The A.I have for one reason or another decided to make their move. Starting Early on this morning they began pouring through the various Nebula based systems. In fact I believe they have infected almost all of them. Also these AI are invading in numbers and whilst at this point in time they seem happy to just congregate it is certain that if they reach target numbers they will begin spreading beyond nebular systems.

They will also begin to attack almost anything they find. You might start to discover that certain system go in to almost total shut down. Jump gates will remain to operate but check the news on planets under AI control before setting off on a long journey.

What’s their goal ?
Well at a guess I’d say to wipe out humanity. Why… well we will just have to wait and see.

What can you do ?
At this time any captain with a ship and a Coalition Target Scanner (A.I), which is available from Lock-N-Load can help out. You will get a specific loot mix type from the AI and you can aid in thinning their numbers.

If you own a Genesis Deployment, you can choose to start stock piling both ground and space based items. These will be deployable when General Hayes enacts the war powers ‘War Order’. At that time you will be able to physically take part in the war effort through a new interface. This will enable you to deploy your units on the war board and begin to help stop and eventually fight off the AI.

Taking part is optional but as a Server it would be best to NOT let the AI get to far out of handĀ :)


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