I’ve been super busy under the hood this last few days making all kinds of tweaks concerning the use of the Misc store VS the Secure Store. These edits are to ensure that we stop a large percentage of the items normally dumped into your ships Misc Store to flow directly to your Secure Store.

Initially, when I first posted on the subject I covered the fact that the following had been adjusted already :

Mining Barge Events and Mining Barge Mining ‘extra Misc loots’ are now sent to the Secure Store.
Ship crew Missions have also had the same treatment.
Also Exploration ‘Level Rewards’ same.

You can now add the following to that list :

Derelict Exploration: Most of the misc loot (not all) will now go directly to the Secure Store. There are exceptions inside derelict exploration before you all start lambasting me with PM’s :) Some items like mission items need to go to your Misc Store.

Planetary Exploration : Same goes for this one. Most of the Misc items will be shifted directly to the Secure Store. In both cases where its applicable messages have also been ‘adjusted’.

Combat Misc: This ‘should now all flow to the Secure Store. Please let me know the instances and actions that led to if they don’t. (read below)

Mining Misc: Pretty sure I got all these, again let me know if they are still falling into the Misc store.

Wreck Salvage: Same as was a little bit tougher on this one but again fairly confident all instances of Misc loot will go to the Secure Store.

RAID Salvage: Finally, RAID salvage misc will also drop to the Secure Store.

Missing items
If you spot Misc loot still dropping to the Misc store from these reported locations above please CONTACT ME via Discord first to discuss. I will need verifiable proof before I go chasing my tail (done that enough this week lol). Don’t just log a one-line bug report – these will get ignored and closed.

I’m still tweaking the syphon code, but it’s pretty much there now with as many filters as I can add to it to ensure it doesn’t whisk away non-SS items.

IF you find items missing these were likely moved to the Secure Store. Check there first and pull them back to where they belong. I’ve worked hard this last 48 hours to ensure all reports and ‘whispers and rumours’ have been resolved.

Syphon Use
You should find now that using the Syphon program it will behave as designed. Turn it on to empty (over a period / depending on the quantity) – when it’s low enough or empty turn it off. The larger your Misc store the longer it will take, but you can turn it on and off at any time.

Good News
Through the efforts of players so far (and of course the Syphon Program) we have halved the size of the database table in question. With more of you deciding to empty your Stores over the coming weeks this will only drop.

There are noticeably a few of you with still over 40,000 items in your Misc Store and no signs of hitting the button. Consider taking the plunge. An empty Misc store will make your ship’s store as a whole MUCH faster to respond. Empty, turn it off and then decide what’s actually worth carting around the galaxy.


P.S Been working with a few staff trying to locate the places I either missed the first time round or adding in new loot locations to send loots to Secure Store. Fixed a few I missed on Derelicts and also included Expanse Survey today.

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  1. Irving says:

    Less time spent emptying the ship’s store = more time destroying ships.

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