Easter Egg Hunt Underway

As Promised, whilst the St Patricks hand outs come to a close at midnight tonight, the Easter collections start today. I have kicked off an Easter Ticker. Usual rules apply, play to win!

Play to Win
Every Five Minutes the Easter Ticker will look for random players that ave played in the last 24 hours. Awarding them an Easter Festive collectible. I will also be releasing 1000’s of Eggs into the loot system today and these will start to appear in your various loot boxes.

The Easter Eggs can be handed in at the Festive Centre for Festive Points or you can collect a ‘Full Set’ and hand them in to ME LATER when I open my next Coops Collection Competition. (Currently that’s running for St Patrick’s OVER HERE

Easter Egg Hunt

This is a slightly different competition, but one that everyone can take part in. All I ask is that you READ the competition details fully and follow the rules therein.

I have this morning seeded several 1000 Easter eggs into the game. These can be located on promenades thought the entire Galaxy. Of course you will need to keep a keen eye out for them. (VI / Blind: Please note the eggs are titled and alt image tagged.)

The Eggs will remain in game until either they are all located (and reported) or until the Morning of the 1st of April.

To find out how to enter follow up OVER HERE


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