October Becomes November


Today you should begin to see the October Halloween hand in NPC’s move out and be replaced by November Guy Fawkes ones.

I figured we would wait till the October Halloween items expired (which they did a few days ago). Also gave you time to start collecting Guy Fawkes Prints :)

These NPC’s will remain in place till the end of the month when the December Santa Crew will arrive. If you have not yet helped choose some names for this years December Festive crew get over to the thread and join in and possibly win yourself a Christmas Resource Token or two!

Competition Thread Here



  1. Honest Ivor says:

    Competitions, whether Daily, Monthly, or Seasonal are always an enjoyable part of the CE experience, offering up prizes to all who participate, and often those who do not. Some are even run by players.

  2. Navile says:

    I seem to follow a cycle in my computer game-playing. I get super-involved with game X for a couple months, then I get burned out and switch to game Y to recharge my batteries, till I’m ready to super-focus on game Z.

    I’m happy to report that Core Exiles is a game that has played the roles of X, Y, and Z for me at various times.

    Core Exiles is a world where you can easily spend several hours a day juggling all sorts of roles and resources while interacting with all sorts of characters, both NPCs and fellow Exiles. Or you can check in every few days, tweak a couple things, and leave knowing that things won’t be too messed up when you return. So if you only have gaming time on the weekends, you can muddle along during the week and play hard on Saturday and Sunday, very nice.

    I’m also very impressed with the ongoing development in Core Exiles, a definite labor of love. I’ve been Exiled for just over three years now, and even now there are several aspects of Core Exiles I’ve hardly scratched the surface of… some new, others years in the making. Just in the original post from Coops there’s a link to a competition to win something called a Christmas Resource Token, which was just added this year, by Coops I imagine! 🙂 The active, responsive development here is wonderful.

    This ain’t a perfect place (the user interface designer in me needs to ignore the interface inconsistencies and focus on the new content for us all to play with), but it’s very nice and worth your time to visit.

    • Rexx Shredd says:

      I hear ya, Navile….sometimes I have to take a break from being the all-around greatest hero of CE, plus I have some RL issues that Im still dealing with which really cuts into my gaming time…but ill say this for CE: This is ALWAYS the game I miss and come running back to….I cant tell you how many other games Ive started, got burnt out or just got sick of, and have never gone back….CE is always at the top of my list of “Must Return!”……besides, it makes my heart heavy with sadness to know each and every one of are weeping because of my absence

  3. LocutusBorg says:

    I like those masks from The Guy Fawkes prints 🙂 I Wish those won’t explode at 15th December, so I would ocassionally wear it throughout the whole year 😛

    Anyway, thank you for another next year with CE!

  4. NBailey says:

    I have loved playing this game for quite a few years now. Coming into the holiday season there is always a lot extra going on. There are also many competitions and give-aways throughout the year as we celebrate many different holidays.

    There really is so much to do that it does not get boring. There is always something that you can do to change up your game routine. You can haul cargo and mine for awhile and then decide to go exploring or combat Pirates or Aliens. Truly something for just about any mood and style of game play.

    The most important thing about the game though, is the great player community. There is always someone to help out when you have a question or need help with something.

  5. hodgins says:

    The Guy Fawkes event adds a nice amount of variety to the Core Exiles experience.

  6. Korthen says:

    The frequent “Festival” events are one of my favourite things about CE. They present the opportunity to get festival points to “buy” special items. Other festival events (Sochi Olympics, World Cup 2014) have unique items that aid in game play. See you in game.

  7. Korth says:

    The tokens (set) are hard to get but tje prize is worth the effort/

  8. Zoorland says:

    Remember, remember, the 5th of November.
    The Gunpowder treason and plot;
    I know of no reason why the Gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot!

    …and it never is, here at Core Exiles. The Guy Fawkes prints and the separate Movember awareness compose my personal favorite holiday month in CE (mostly because nobody sneaks on board and decorates my ship). Just one in a long line of “holiday” celebrations that always give us something to look forward to and participate in while we’re plugging away at the massive list of things to do in this game.

    The sheer volume of things to do and consider and plan for in this game can be daunting, but we’ve always something to lighten the mood and lift our spirits around here.

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