39 Festive Agents Arrive


This year we asked Settlement owners to make space on their promenades and host a Festive Agent. We ran a thread for the last week or so asking you to add your settlements name, planet and system. Those that followed the instructions and spelt their settlement names correctly etc will all find an NPC has settled on their promenade.

These Festive agents are at this time trading partial mixed sets of Halloween Festive items for XP, Fuel Tickets and Festive Points. This year I’m adding the festive points (doubled) that you would normally get for handing them in at a Festive Store. So you can take part in handing these Halloween items in get the prizes AND the Festive Points!

Have fun folks!


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  1. Sparky says:

    I cannot big up this game enough!
    I have been here over 3 years now and still find more to do!
    Excellent community and fellow captains from all around the world.
    Just sing up, you’ll love it!
    Core forever!

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