19th Coops Challenge Dates

Coops Challenge Number 19

OK, the 19th Coops Challenge starts On the 18th @ 10:30 (Game Time) and runs for 2 weeks. For those who have not played before, this is where I have laid out a series of challenges for players to complete. Each challenge has four stages and for EACH stage that’s completed I normally add 500 Fuel to an end total of Fuel you will get in the form of a Fuel Ticket.

This Challenge is a little different, the first Main Difference, for each stage completed the reward will be ONE THOUSAND Fuel into the reward kitty at the end! Plus, we have added in some new challenge stages.

If you were to complete ALL the challenges this time around, that would amount to a Ticket for 80,000 fuel! (for EVERY player that took part).

We are now up to 20 Different Challenges, each one having FOUR stages, making a total of 80 Stages! We have added in some new ones since the last challenge, Sunflowers cargo, TC’s looted in Combat and Close Quarter Combat Kills (Planets & Derelicts) .

Stages included in this, the 19th Coops challenge
Ashar Cargo Moved
Wesbec Cargo Moved
Valoren Cargo Moved
Sunflowers Cargo Moved * New
Union Passengers Moved
Total Ships Destroyed
Total TC’s Looted (Combat) * New
AI Ships Destroyed
Alien Ships Destroyed
Wreck (Combat) Salvage
F.O.M Missions
ORE (Personal Mined) Collected
RAID Destruction
C.Q.C Combat Kills * New
Planet Locations Explored
Derelict Locations Explored
RAID Salvage
Crafting XP Income
Player VS Pirate Mechs
Coops Exchange Hand-in

On the Day I will post a Goodie Bag as well, this will show what’s on offer as an extra incentive. As you clear each goal stage I will update the goodie bag and come the final whistle what’s ever in the Goodie bag you get as a big Phat reward! – If you have not seen a Goodie Bag check out the last one awarded server wide HERE

Plus of course the Major fuel injection from above for each stage that’s been completed….

Plus… one last thing, each challenge I set a TOTAL fuel used during challenge phase, normally around 3 Millions fuel. IF the server reaches or breaches that level before the final whistle, you get the Total Fuel reward DOUBLED!

What can I say, a two-week frenzy of working on each stage for a really large reward!

For those new to a challenge. We post a link both in game and out of the game, so you can keep an eye on the challenge and its progress. All you need to do is ‘Play’ as you can see from above pretty much all avenues are covered so play, and you will be adding towards the goal stages.

Ones that sometimes struggle are the Mech Combats. We will be giving out festive packs like candy over the 2 weeks, these contain Mech Packs, so use the Mech Guides and build some mechs and drop them in… Win or lose you make credits by playing in Mech combat!

Above all – HAVE FUN!

See you out there…


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