15th Coops Challenge Dates

15th Coops Challenge 18th October till 2nd November

If my math is correct (hey I had to take shoes and socks off for this) the next Coops Challenge is the 15th. I would have run it earlier but life has thrown me some curve balls. The date for the next Challenger will be 18th October till 2nd November inclusive. Start end times I’ll announce a little closer to the start date.

If you have not taken part in a ‘Coops Challenge’ you will find that I launch a major competition to complete a massive set of server Wide challenges. Each one has 3 or four stages and each time you complete one you add to the end pot of rewards – Server Wide.

Pretty much every profession and action is CE is counted in some way so for many payers its just a case of ‘play as normal’ and keep an eye on the channel status. (Fresh Page will be released for in and out of game review at any time).

I normally also run a MECH WAR during these challenges and this is also part and parcel these days of the challenge. Store up all your mech parts (Festive Packs go a long way with these) – don’t rush out and start making them just yet hang on till closer to the day.

You have over 2 weeks to take part and complete the Server Challenge to lots of time to get involved. I will closer to the time release more notes and on the day post a ‘Here we go post’.

Thanks for taking part in the Core-Exiles Universe! Tell your friends and most of all have fun!


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  1. MadMaxxx says:


    For all of you that are thinking of starting your journey in Core Exiles, this is the best time of the year to start it. There will be 3 months of all kind of festivities going on in game and plenty of action all over. Community here is one of the best as we are all in support of each other. You can do all kinds of things in CE starting with 1 small ship which will definately be swapped for bigger one. Later on you can own 2 settlements, Corporation (deploying NPC captains with ships on missions), Genesis plot to wage war against AI invaders and soon to come Starbase. So yes its a big game that you can enjoy for years to come, so join us and see for yourself.

    Best Regards

    Captain MadMaxxx

    PS: if you get into the game let me know in chat or via in game message system and ill drop you something for a little better start.

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