14th Coops Challenge Kicks Off!

Hi, fellow citizens of Earth!

Sat at home, bored out of your skull? Well, why not come and join in the fun over at Core-Exiles. The 14th Coops Challenge kicked off yesterday and already they are knee-deep in the 67 stages needing to be completed.

Fuel, blood and mech parts all over the deck and that just the chat room I have another 2 weeks of this to go – come save me!

Core-Exiles is a deep sci-fi browser game with over a decade of content and more professions and things to do than you can ask for in a browser game. There is no PVP (unless you enjoy the mech arena for fun) and the community is friendly and they are a ‘happy to help’ bunch of players.

The Challenge means that anyone taking part (small or large) is entitled to the prize at the end, both a ‘Massive Fuel Pack’ and of course the Coops ‘Goodie Bag’ – renowned for being stuffed full of useful gear.

So come on over, read what our players have to say and then sign up and join in.

Hope to see you in chat…



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