Project Icarus

Project Icarus is something new that I have instigated. It will aids us both short term, and long term in the development of forming a network transit method through the Nebula allowing transition through to the Sol System. There is a lot of work to be done here before any of this can become ‘reality’ but I’m adding it now so that it becomes part of the frame work of CE and becomes better known as we move forward.

Initially you will begin to see new Contracts being posted on the GBM from the ‘Icarus Project‘. We are AT THIS TIME limiting these to players level 40 and below. This give a little bit of aid to the younger and smaller captains out there whilst starting off a rather gigantic collection over time.

As the Project matures so will the contract requests and at that time we will review the Level Cap. For those using the GBM I have highlighted these contracts in light blue and for the VI the buttons for ‘deposit’ are greyed out and marked as ‘Ineligible‘ if you are over level 40.

We will be utilising the project for many things so you can expect the contracts to range across a fairly wide range but are CPU and contract size locked. At this time the project is limited to 218 of the 668 in game resources.

With the recent update of the GBM interface, the Level 40 lock was removed as it is the hope of the game developer that those 40 and over will not want to waste resources filling these small contracts, and in fact leave them for the junior captains to learn how the GBM functions.


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