10th Anniversary draws to a Close

It’s now gone 10:00 am Game Time and the 10th Anniversary has drawn to a Close. We have placed the Mech Zone in lock down whilst we collated the scores and sort out the winners.

Mech War Prizes
Once we have that done I will make a separate announcement with the winners and their prizes, plus hand out the final Server Wide Fuel ticket as you have now passed the 500 Kill Mark.

Grand Prize Draw
PrimeMcNee will later today announce the prize draw winners for the Grand Prize Draw. Docking at one of the Seven Party Locations this last week we sent Prime a unique entry ticket. He has over 3700 entries from the week to sift through.

Give-away Wrap-up
We have given away masses of prizes in chat this last week and this morning I will polish off handing out the forums prizes and then close those competitions.

Festive NPC Droids
I will LEAVE the Festive NPC’s in place until tomorrow morning so you have a final chance to get some festive prizes using any tokens you may have left..

Final Coops Stash Run
Lastly, to clarify : There will be a final Coops Stash hand out tonight at Midnight (Game Time). This is for captains who got a final docking session done PRIOR to 10:00 AM today. That will be the final handout and you can then begin collecting your resources if you have not already done so.

Thanks for taking part folks and thanks for your support and well wishes this last week.

July is far from over so keep on playing and keep on checking the forums folks!


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